My life n all is crannies

Weaving of life

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As i scroll through pins i look at all the amazing pictures of ideas, peoples’ lives, and i get wistful and off i  go cooing at the great lives that go on out there. Am reminded that i have a desk job where i get to interview people day in and day out. People from different walks of life. Liars, cheaters, drunks and whatnot and all i can do is hide my tiny smile as i think about the rumblings going on in my head.

I look at all my friends who have got their shit together, with the lovely homes, blossoming relationships, and top notch jobs. Don’t mistake me am not jealous of what they have. Am actually glad i am the only one that hasn’t got my shit together. But at some moments i feel like i could be missing out on what they have. But then i am nudged. Scratch that. Bombarded with the voice in my head that tells me to let go and let lose.

The voice in my head tells me to travel the world. To throw my shoes away and walk bare foot in the rain screaming out lyrics of “Singing in the Rain” by Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds. My heart palpitates at the things i would love to do. My feet itch from anticipation for what i am oh so desiring to explore. I want to sleep on a commuter train in Tokyo, backpack across Europe. I want to learn to swim so i won’t drown when i go kayaking. I want to try out the street food on the streets of Seoul. I want to rent out a room in a hostel in Slovakia and scare myself shitless with scenes from the movie ‘Hostel’. I want to go cliff diving to dance in the alleys of Brazil and attend a Mardi Gras festival or a Coachella festival. I want to meet an traveler just like me and we share a midsummer romance.

Oh the rumblings that go on in my head as i stare out at the raging storm, the first we have had after this dry spell that has been going on forever. I want to take off my clothes and play in the rain. But then again i might have the cops called on me. *sigh*

I want to live and am trapped in the confines of life and what it dictates out to me.

Set me free, why don’t you.


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