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I know we are in the middle of the year but heck yea i got plans for 2015. these plans include lots of travelling and adrenaline mind blowing activities,

For starters my trip takes me Ireland, places to check out;

1. Knowth

2. Skelling Michael

3. Dunluce Castle

4. Derry

Next up, Seoul, South Korea

And trust me, with this it’s all about the food, scenery and culture. (Need to relieve all the k. dramas n k.pops songs i’ve watched and listened to)

Tokyo, Japan

Ice cream city.

Queenstown, New Zealand

I have been told it is beautiful

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

For the amazeballs bungee jumping. Its 111 feet and so cool. I feel the rush just thinking about it.. Totes amazing.

So i really do i can work around the immigration guys and save shit loads on cash so i can travel and enjoy life while i can.


“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” – Confucius


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